AJ3 Elephant White T-Shirt - Air Jordan 3 Valor Blue "UNC

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While researching materials, Tinker Hatfield came across some suede-like nubuck embossed with a pattern that resembled fake elephant skin, perfect for the trim of the Air Jordan 3 that he was designing. He also used a material called floater, a leather that’s been tumbled so the natural wrinkles go away when it’s tanned and reemerges as a texture as it gets processed. It had never been used in athletic shoes before, as tumbled leather can grow softer (thus weaker) when processed. But Jordan wanted to wear a new pair of shoes every game. The tumbled leather wasn’t just a nod to Jordan’s love of fashion and those Italian leather shoes he was now sporting. It also served a practical purpose: Jordan wouldn’t have to break the shoe in.*

Here at SNRT, we love the elephant print. So, we designed a graphic completely dedicated to this innovative design. Each one is designed to go perfectly with your Air Jordan 3 Valor Blue "UNC.


  • 100% Ring-Spun Combed Cotton
  • Light Weight
  • 4.3 oz


  • 100% preshrunk cotton
  • Medium Weight
  • 6 oz